This is where our elected officials have failed

Lack of Gun Control
Trump is acting like a dictator
Trump is a liar
Republicans go along with Trump against their better judgement
Deficit is skyrocketing
Tax cuts made the rich richer and hurt the middle class
Trump has alienated our allies
Trump denies global warming and not doing anything to fix the problem. The weather is getting more extreme and Trump is not helping
Trump is allowed to make money in his personal business by driving traffic in his official capacity as president
Trump is a big bully
Republicans are afraid of Trump
more to follow….
Trump is stacking the courts to get favorable decisions. The court system should interpret the law not find ways to support Trumps personal agenda
Congress needs to work together to follow the laws and/or change the laws
Trump is finding ways around the checks and balances that are supposed to be built into our system. Our system is clearly broken.

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